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WISH A Whole Scholar
Approach to Education

High School - 9-12 » Pathways


WISH Academy students have flexibility - follow one of our pathways through all four years of high school or take classes within each pathway to explore all WAHS has to offer.
Biomedical BP Cuff          Biomedical Field Trip
Biomedical DNA          

In the Biomedical Pathway, WISH Academy students delve into real-life biomedical practices and simulations coupled with exploring research, innovation, and CAD software for prosthetic design. Students conduct autopsy simulations, analyze crime scenes, and work in the medical curriculum while taking on the roles of nurses, doctors, coroners, forensic scientists, paramedics, and crime scene investigators.  Students meet experts from all medical fields throughout their time at WISH Academy.

Engineering Tureaud           Engineering Tim Zach
  Engineering Two Boys 
WISH Academy Engineering Pathway students are inspired by deeper learning through real-world experiences and gain the pragmatic skills to be able to step into any career path they choose. Students are engaged in compelling, real-world challenges that help them adopt a problem-solving mindset, become better collaborators and thinkers, and participate in hands-on design projects that allow them to develop engineering skills by using cutting-edge, professional-level tools and software. WISH teachers mentor the competitive spirits of WISH's Academic Decathlon and NASA's CubeSat Launch Initiative teams. Whether creating a natural relief center system, designing a new toy from idea to physical prototype, or completely redesigning a building including the structure, infrastructure, transportation access and parking, green materials, and renewable power, to improve environmental impact and functionality, this Pathway has something for everyone.
Humanities 1 to 1 Shea     Humanities Abby Globe
Humanities Brain  Humanities Field Trip
The Humanities Pathway at WISH Academy exposes students to a deeper understanding of three key areas of humanities.  Students evaluate cultural impacts to society including the differences of multi ethnic communities vs ethnocentric communities.  They write their own legislation while learning about the legislative process and local and state government officials.  Students also analyze brain activity to determine the best methods of learning how to support mental health function and review different psychological disorders while looking at all of the senses and examining the side effects of segregation on a genetic level.  Film studies are also an essential focus of this Pathway which includes a deep dive into American history and civil rights.
Visual and Performing Arts
VAPA Art mug  VAPA Theater DTASC  VAPA Theater Costumes
VAPA Music Illko Group
VAPA Theater gold hats group   VAPA Art Film
  VAPA Music 70s

WISH’s VAPA Pathway provides access to three creative departments - theater, music and digital media, film and animation. Theater students perform in plays and musicals and also have the opportunity to design costumes and build sets.  Hands-on and academic training include competing with other high school students at DTASC where they never go home empty-handed. They experience coaching from well-known celebrities such as William Atherton and audition coaching for Conservatory programs post-high school.  Performances have received honorary recognition from Mayor Karen Bass.


Music lovers are taught by a Grammy Award nominated professional guitarist, composer, songwriter and producer; by learning to score music, perform live and receive instrument instruction, they are posed to be new forces in the world of music after graduation.


Students can explore the world of art by learning graphic design, color theory, visual storytelling and filmmaking skills and techniques along with animation mediums and digital tools. These CTE courses led by a former Disney, Warner Bros. and DreamWorks animation expert with an impressive resume in film, documentaries, television, commercials, video games and theme park design pull back the curtain into the fascinating career potential of the VAPA Pathway.