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WISH A Whole Scholar
Approach to Education

About » A TK-12 Global Impact School

A TK-12 Global Impact School

Merits and Benefits of a WISH TK-12 Education

WISH Charter Schools are uniquely positioned to support our students from their first day of elementary school through their high school graduation and beyond. 

We love you from kindergarten to twelfth grade and beyond! We are all in on this educational journey.

The WISH TK-12 model offers many benefits:

Consistency and Continuity
MS Student Helping ES Student at International Festival Students are part of a school environment that values all people and a Whole Scholar Approach to education from the early years of education through high school. This continuity of excellence fosters a sense of community and belonging, as well as smooth transitions between grade levels and high levels of achievement. HS Students with DTASC Ribbons
Developmental Continuum
Middle School Music Teacher with Strings Musicians WISH TK-12 schools provide a seamless developmental continuum, allowing educators to track students' progress over time and tailor instruction to meet their evolving needs. This leads to a personalized learning experience. High School Principal Singing with Middle School Students
Stronger Relationships
Staff and Families Students build meaningful relationships with teachers, staff, and peers. These connections support academic growth, social development, and emotional well-being. Students learn to collaborate with, lead, and create opportunities for one another based on each other's strengths.  Students in Garden with Parent Volunteers
Comprehensive Support Services
Mr B and Student WISH TK-12 schools, faculty and staff, are committed to providing excellence in academic and social emotional supports at all times to each individual student. We know our students well and celebrate the milestones they make from reading, to writing, to presidential awards, to college acceptances, we are there through it all and provide many supports to make it happen! Speech Therapist in Classroom
Family Involvement
Fifth Grade Parents WISH thrives due to our family partnerships. Each year a new team of families joins our existing teams and helps to continue to support our WISH mission of social justice through inclusivity and a whole scholar approach to education. Our families believe in our vision of Excellence for ALL and stand by that commitment throughout the TK-12 journey.  Board Member and Family at Beach Clean Up
Streamlined Curriculum Alignment
MS Group of Photos WISH TK-12 schools can ensure alignment between grade levels in terms of curriculum, instructional strategies, and assessment practices. This alignment promotes coherence in learning experiences and helps students build on prior knowledge as they progress through each grade, pathway, and affinity area! We are thrilled to celebrate their achievements and to ensure every single student receives access to GATE strategies and experiences, STEM instruction, and high-quality music, art, PE, and technology! HS Engineering

Holistic Development
Kindness Club 2017 By offering education from early childhood through adolescence, WISH TK-12 schools have the opportunity to focus not only on academic achievement but also on the holistic development of students, including their social, emotional, and physical well-being. A commitment to character education is seen through elementary school through the Kindness Club, Ruler, and Council Circle and carried through middle and high school with WEB and LINK leadership, ASB, student council, our Humans United clubs, and advisory! WISH students care for one another and create a space and model for younger students that everyone belongs and is valuable.  HS School Spirit
Flexible Pathways
HS Spelling Bee Students in WISH TK-12 schools have access to a variety of educational pathways, advanced placement courses, career and technical education programs, and dual enrollment opportunities with colleges and universities, allowing them to explore their interests and prepare for post-secondary success. HS Music Studio
"WISH has made me feel comfortable about expressing myself.  I am part of the VAPA pathway, and the classes and my peers have let me open up and just be myself!"
-- Kemonte N.,12th Grade Student
"I love being a WISH student because the teachers really care. They put a lot of effort into their lessons, making them interactive and fun.  And they always encourage you to stretch beyond yourself. I have also loved being part of the WISH band, but my favorite WISH experience has been my time on the Volleyball team and bringing home a trophy after a weekend tournament!"
-- Summer L., 12th Grade Student, and Lifer (WISH student since Kindergarten)
We've been a WISH family since kindergarten.  At every turn, my daughter thrived at WISH. The curriculum has been challenging, the expectations high, and the sports have been a perfect match. When matriculating from 8th grade we chose to stay at WISH Academy because we support the WISH values of social justice through inclusivity and a whole scholar approach to education. Not all schools have diversity and accept all families and students. We appreciate the work our teachers do to instill these values into our daughter and wouldn't risk her missing out on thriving in a space like this. We are so lucky!  She has accomplished so much in this one year already that she wants to stay at WISH Academy until the end. She has been part of the JV Volleyball team, has lettered in Soccer, and plans to be on the varsity swim team this spring. She is also growing academically and performed in the 80s concert in the winter.  We look forward to continuing to celebrate her and to supporting her teachers!
-- Angela G., 9th Grade Mom

"WISH Academy students rock! I love these kids, and seeing their growth in American Sign Language makes me so happy! The perseverance, fun, and constant joy they bring to the classroom and each other makes this a great place to teach."
-- Ms. K, ASL Teacher