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WISH A Whole Scholar
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many applications did you receive last year compared to the number of spots available?
The number of available spots can vary from year-to-year based on a number of factors. We encourage everyone who is interested in our programs to apply.
When will I be notified if there is space for my child?
Offers of admission are made by phone call within a few weeks of the lottery drawing, and those who do not receive an offer will be contacted with their waitlist number. As things change during summer, and often into the first few weeks of the school, families may continue to be contacted as spots become available.

If my child doesn’t get in this year, do they have any type of priority for the following year?
Charter schools do not have a point system from year to year and the waitlist ends before the next school year.

If I have two (or three) children entering the lottery, if one gets in, are the siblings automatically accepted as well?
They will not automatically gain admission, but they will move up to the top of the list for their grade level and he or she will be offered the next available position, as it is the objective of WISH to keep siblings together as much as we can.
If I my child's homeschool is not a LAUSD school, can I still apply?
Yes - anyone can apply to WISH. Per our approved charter, families with a LAUSD homeschool will receive 3 tickets per child to the lottery. All other families with receive one ticket per child.