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TIXBulHaz  file-icon-2
Title IX Bullying and Hazing Form (5/13/2019)
TIXCompmES  file-icon-2
Title IX Complaint Managers - ES (11/1/2023)
TIXCompmHS  file-icon-2
Title IX Complaint Managers - HS (11/1/2023)
TIXCompmMS  file-icon-2
Title IX Complaint Managers - MS (11/1/2023)
TIXPol  file-icon-2
Title IX Policy (5/10/2019)
TIXRep  file-icon-2
Title IX at 45 Report (5/10/2019)
TIXSB1375  file-icon-2
Senate Bill 1375 (5/3/2019)
Title IX Notice - California SB 1375
California Senate Bill 1375 enacted July 1, 2017, added a section to the Education Code 221.61, relating to Educational Equity, requiring public schools post in a prominent and conspicuous location on the Internet websites, specific information relating to Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 (Title IX) to promote the goal of providing greater levels of gender equity in schools.
TIXSexuHar  file-icon-2
Title IX Sexual Harassment / Sex Discrimination Form (5/10/2019)
TIXWEB  html-icon-2
Title IX Website Links (2/20/2023)