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WISH A Whole Scholar
Approach to Education


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Athletics  directory-icon-2
Athletics Materials
Bell  directory-icon-2
Bell Schedules
Board  directory-icon-2
WISH Board & Committee Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Calendars
Calendar  directory-icon-2
School Calendar
ComCore  directory-icon-2
Common Core Standards
Compl  directory-icon-2
Complaint Procedures
COVID  directory-icon-2
COVID-19 Communication
Donation  directory-icon-2
Donation Form
DressCode  directory-icon-2
Dress Code
EmerKit  directory-icon-2
Emergency Kit Information
EPA  directory-icon-2
Education Protection Account
ESS   directory-icon-2
FIN  directory-icon-2
FSA  directory-icon-2
Family School Agreement
Handbook  directory-icon-2
Family Handbooks
LCAP  directory-icon-2
LCAP Resources
LCONT  directory-icon-2
Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan
MentHeal  directory-icon-2
Mental Health Services
MSHSLOCKP  directory-icon-2
Locker Policy
Nutrition  directory-icon-2
Nutrition & Wellness
Lunch application, instructions and eligibility scales
RTS  directory-icon-2
Return To School
SAC  directory-icon-2
Access to WISH Charter School's Approved Charter
The approved charter is a public record. It remains in a binder in both campuses' main offices and is shared with individuals upon request. In addition, a digital copy can be provided by WISH’s Finance Manager.
safeschool  directory-icon-2
Safe School Covid 19 Plans
SARC  directory-icon-2
SARC Reports
SchPro  directory-icon-2
School Profile
SocialMedi  directory-icon-2
Social Media and Digital Citizenship guidelines
SSC  directory-icon-2
SSC Documents
StakHol  directory-icon-2
Stake Holder Complaint Resources
SupList  directory-icon-2
Supply Lists
SuPrev  directory-icon-2
Suicide Prevention Awareness
SvcLrn  directory-icon-2
Service Learning
TECH  directory-icon-2
Technology Resources
TitleIX  directory-icon-2
Title IX Information
TXTBK  directory-icon-2
Textbook Resources
VOLOR  directory-icon-2
Volunteer Orientation
WCA  directory-icon-2
WCA Meeting Decks
WCAFund  directory-icon-2
WCA Fundraising / Event Consent Form
WLAED  directory-icon-2
West LA Extended Day Childcare Program