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WISH Academy Sports
WISH Academy offers a strong, extensive, and committed sports program throughout the school year. Sports are based on student voice and student choice and in compliance with Title IX. WISH participates in the Ocean League of CIF City Section. For information, contact WISH Athletic Director, Coach Casey Wilson at [email protected]
To see our teams in action, visit our WISH Athletics Calendar!
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FALL SPORTS                                                   
  • Cross Country                                                                      
  • Girls Tennis                                                
  • Girls Volleyball
Practice and Game Times
Practices are after school between 4:30-7:30pm. 
Home games are scheduled between 5:30pm and 7:00pm.
All athletes must have all forms completed and submitted to Coach Casey before the start of each season.
-Athletic Physical Form
-CIF Packet
Join our teams SportsYou page for all team communication. Please see your coach for the access code.  

Spectator Rules
At this time, there are no specific spectator rules in regard to COVID-19.

All facilities have their own spectators policies. If you plan to attend an away game, please first contact Coach Casey to make sure spectators are allowed and the protocols for that facility.
We expect all spectators to follow all facility rules and conduct themselves with the same sportsmanship that we expect of our athletes. Any spectators who are not following protocols or behaving in an appropriate manner will be asked to leave.