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Social Justice Through Inclusivity » We Believe In Social Justice Through Inclusion and Diversity

We Believe In Social Justice Through Inclusion and Diversity

June 2, 2020: An update from Dr. Shawna Draxton


Dear WISH Family,

It is with deep sadness and concern for our WISH families and the broader community that I am reaching out to you today. The recent horrific acts against Black people including George Floyd and too many others are evidence of the systemic racism in our culture and require us to reflect on our own participation and ways that we must personally and collectively evolve to ensure that we create spaces of equity, respect, and inclusivity. 

As our city and nation struggle to find peace, this is an opportunity to come together and work towards change. The unacceptable treatment and inequities experienced due to racism are not aligned with our central values of diversity and inclusion. We are Better Together, and we will make space for all voices and families to be heard, especially during times like this. Be assured that we will always stand with you against racist behaviors, and work to dismantle racists systems and structures in our school and our society.

As many of you are aware, the WISH Diversity & Inclusion Committee has created a repository of many resources for us to explore and use to evolve and begin to heal together. Please take the time to review the resources (listed below) and choose something that facilitates growth and communication in your family about understanding and stopping racism. 

We will continue to develop meaningful ways to use our voices and resources to fight injustice. We acknowledge our responsibility to be part of the solution to creating a world that lives up to the highest ideals of equality and justice and are committed to doing our part to uphold our values that we are all Better Together - now more than ever.

Please join me in taking action against racism by choosing a resource compiled by our Diversity & Inclusion Committee and joining in the conversations provided above and in our future messages to ensure we are all evolving.

With compassion and gratitude,



Shawna Draxton, PhD

Executive Director

WISH Community and Academy Schools


June 2, 2020: Community Resources from the WISH Diversity & Inclusion Committee

During this past week, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee has compiled resources to support our growth and understanding as a community and as parents of children.  These resources will also widen the conversation to all members of the community who want to engage in the work better understanding their identity around race, racism, and how to become an ally. Please take the time to find a resource below to support your family in growing through the challenges we are facing right now with racism as a nation.

Resource 1: Anti-Racism Training, join the three-part forum:  Many members of our community have already committed to attend this Anti-Racism training through the Diversity & Resiliency Institute of El Paso. Whether you attend the training or not, all are welcome to join one or all of the following discussions. If interested, please email for Zoom details.  

  • Thursday, June 4th at 5:00 (Module 1)
  • Thursday, June 11th at 5:00 (Module 2)
  • Thursday, June 18th at 5:00 (Module 3) 

Resource 2:  You will find a wide variety of resources regarding Race & Racism in America for all of us HERE. This extensive list includes videos, articles, podcasts, films, documentaries, books for all ages, and other educations resources.  

Resource 3:  WISH Community Peers & Conversation. Committee Members, who are parents of black children, have offered to be allies of parents who are hurting and need connection and support right now. Tinisha Landry (, Ange Kurian (, and Arianna Zenon ( have offered to moderate a Zoom meeting as a safe space for community members to connect Tuesday, June 2 at 5:00.  We have an immediate need in our community to soothe the pain that parents are feeling. We value their voices and honor that pain. Through connection, processing and healing can start to occur. Please email Tinisha, Ange or Arianna for Zoom details.


We are Committed to Social Justice Through Inclusion and Diversity

This is your chance to be a part of a school that truly embraces the values at your core!  A place where ALL people are seen as important and the uniqueness of each individual is celebrated. A school where meaningful and engaging curriculum inspires your child to aspire to inquire and reach up to make the world a better place. A school where the leaders of tomorrow are challenged, inspired, and given the foundation they need to thrive!


When children are raised together in socially just classrooms that teach them to value diversity, they grow up to be adults who create community spaces and workplaces for all kinds of people! At WISH we are committed to social justice and this is demonstrated through our inclusivity and commitment to broadminded thinking in the classrooms that we build together!




The WISH Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The WISH Diversity and Inclusion Committee addresses all the ways that WISH is committed to working with families, faculty, and staff to ensure that ALL families and students are welcomed and included in the WISH community. This past year we have worked together to solicit feedback and support from community members to make needed shifts to some of our traditional events so that more people are represented. We have come together to discuss issues that have come upon each of our campuses and how to support growth and empathy for all, and we have also supported the implementation of new events that highlight the diversity that we love so much at WISH.


This committee is comprised of parents, teachers, administrators, and community members who are deeply committed to ensuring that our values of embracing diversity and supporting the inclusion of all remain central to our practice and are woven into the implementation of our mission and vision. If you would like to join the Inclusion and Diversity Committee, please email Ann-Marie Hobbs at