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WISH A Whole Scholar
Approach to Education

Practices » Science


Teachers use research-based science curriculum using FOSS, PLTW, and their own teacher-created materials.  Science is a creative and analytic enterprise, made active by our human capacity to think. Scientific knowledge advances when scientists observe phenomena, think about how they relate to what is known, test their ideas in logical ways, and generate explanations that integrate the new information into an understanding of the natural and designed worlds. Engineers apply that understanding to solve real-world problems. Thus, the scientific enterprise is both what we know (content knowledge) and how we come to know it (science practices). Science is a discovery activity, a process for producing new knowledge.

The best way for students to appreciate the scientific enterprise, learn important scientific and engineering concepts, and develop the ability to think well is to actively participate in scientific practices through their own investigations and analyses. WISH science curricular activities give students and teachers meaningful experiences through engaging with this active participation in scientific practices.