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Physical Education/Health

Physical Education/Health Our physical education program builds a foundation for appropriate instructional practices that promote and maintain physical fitness, health, and the attainment of movement skills. Our commitment is to develop lifelong learners who are passionate about keeping their bodies healthy and active. 
Elementary School
We believe (and studies have shown) that when children move their bodies at regular intervals, it boosts their learning potential in the classroom. Sometimes kids just need to get their wiggles out and, thanks to our beautiful Southern California weather, they have ample opportunity to get outside and get the blood flowing, at nutrition and lunch, and during their physical education classes twice per week.In PE, our students learn the basics of classic playground sports like kickball and basketball, as well as trying out new games like "hut wars" and "pool noodle tag." At the same time, Coach Martinez encourages teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance in our young scholars.


Middle School
We offer three different movement courses--physical education, sports conditioning, and yoga--all of which are designed to improve our students' motor skills through activity. With PE, students not only focus on their athletics with flag football, volleyball, basketball and more, but they also learn the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. Our sports conditioning program aligns with a student's afterschool sports program, giving them extra opportunities to practice their skills. Finally, yoga is, well, yoga, teaching students the fundamentals, and providing some always-beneficial stress relief. 
Academy: More info to come.