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WISH A Whole Scholar
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Passive Fundraisers

WISH has partnered with several organizations who donate a percentage of sales back to our school at no additional cost to the consumer.
1. Log into or create an Amazon account,
2. Navigate to 
3. At the top look for the "supporting" link.
4. Search for 'Westside Inclusive School House" to link your account.
5. Once linked, a percentage of purchases made by visiting will benefit our school. 
1. Log in to
2. Click Sign In or enroll.
3. Enter your email address and password or create a new account.
4. Click on ‘Your Name’ (In the top right-hand corner)
5. Link your card to WISH by clicking on Community rewards and searching for 'WISH Charter".
6. Click on Enroll to finish your enrollment process
WISH is listed as WISH Charter Elementary School, however, all proceeds go to the general fund that benefits all three schools.
The link to Ralphs must be renewed annually.