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Family Partnerships

Family partnership is one of our core tenets at WISH. We know that ALL things are possible when you build strong relationships with the folks most invested in the outcomes of their children--the parents, grandparents and caregivers of WISH students! 
Strong relationships require courageous conversations and respectful interactions at all times.  At WISH, we always go directly to our teachers if we have questions or concerns, we never talk about staff members to other parents or on online forums, and we always use a considerate tone, all of which allows us to build an environment of trust as we work together throughout the year. 
At WISH we believe that people are truly doing the best they can with the information that they have at the moment.  If something happens that surprises us or upsets us, we try to imagine what the other was intending, and then set up a meeting with them to discuss alternative perspectives and next steps.   
Interested in Volunteering on Campus?
Thanks to our fabulous teachers, administration and staff, WISH runs like a well-oiled machine. Our families though are the fuel that keeps us going and our volunteers are an invaluable resource.
If you would like to volunteer on campus, we invite you to intend a volunteer orientation, and provide the following forms (which can be uploaded here once completed):
  • Proof of Vaccination: You may present us your vaccine card as a hard copy or in a digital format.
  • Volunteer Orientation Form: To find the right fit for your interests and talents, you will fill out this form, available at your orientation session. 
  • Negative TB Test: Your health professional or local urgent care can administer, or you can fill out the CA School Employee TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire.
  • Proof of Negative PCR COVID Test: Test results can be presented at entry and must be from within the last week. 
Once the other forms have been submitted, the Office Manager will run your name through the Megan's Law Website Screening website. 
We are grateful for the opportunity to build these schools together
and we look forward to continuing to make them thrive.
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