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Family Partnerships

Parent partnership is one of our core tenets at WISH.   We know that ALL things are possible when you build strong relationships with the folks most invested in the outcomes of their children- the parents and grandparents of WISH students! 
Strong relationships require courageous conversations and respectful interactions at all times.  At WISH, we always go directly to our teachers if we have questions or concerns, we never talk about staff members to other parents or on online forums, and we always use a respectful tone and we enjoy the outcomes of the trust we build throughout the year as we work together.
At WISH we believe that people are truly doing the best they can with the information that they have at the moment.  If something happens that surprises us or upsets us and we try to imagine what the other was intending and we set up a meeting with them to discuss alternative perspectives and next steps.   
We are grateful for the opportunity to build these schools together and we look forward to continuing to make them thrive.
3 awesome parents