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Advanced Learners

Gifted and Talented Instruction



As indicated in the research, WISH supports the idea that students who are identified as gifted need excellent instruction from the outset within a heterogeneous group of peers. WISH understands that though a child may be gifted in some areas there are other areas that need to be strengthened. Our classrooms, which serve a variety of ability levels, create a safe space for taking risks, problem-solving, and collaboration, as well as mentorship and learning! All students receive high-quality instruction using GATE strategies so that everyone has a rigorous and meaningful instructional experience.
WISH educators have attended multiple trainings to support the integration of GATE strategies throughout all curricular activities. In addition to our core curricula like Writers Workshop, Readers Workshop, CGI math strategies, and PLTW (Project Lead the Way) STEM activities, our educators also employ Depth and Complexity Icons, and open ceiling activities, all of which naturally allow for differentiation and higher-level thinking. 

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