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Service Learning

Ever since WISH Community and Academy Schools opened our doors in 2009, service to the community has been at the heart of the WISH educational experience. Students at WISH begin engaging in service-learning projects in TK and continue to take on increasingly complex and impactful projects each year through 12th Grade. Our goal is to create an environment where serving is simply a normal part of life - both at school and in our student’s everyday lives. To date, WISH students have provided more than 80,000 service-learning hours in support of more than 200 activities and non-profit organizations. We believe giving back to others builds students' confidence and social responsibility while instilling in them a commitment to serve the community. Service-learning encourages students to build high-level thinking skills, develop important interpersonal skills, increases bonds with the local organizations and groups, and helps create a positive environment campus-wide.

Traditionally, each January the entire WISH community kicks off our school-wide, annual quarter of Service Learning with a beach clean up. Throughout the quarter, each grade participates in a service-learning project using the project-based learning model. Additionally, students in grades 6-12 are required to compete on average 20 hours of individual community service. At the end of the quarter of service, all students write an essay sharing their service-learning experiences, the impact that they've had on the community, and how they have grown from their service to others.

Over the years some of our past student projects have included:
Beach & community clean-ups
Collecting and delivering for Meals-on-Wheels
Bagging groceries for the Food Pantry, Inglewood, CA
Providing service to animals in shelters
Collecting supplies for children at the Mar Vista Family Center
Clearing the Ballona Wetlands
Volunteering for the "Westchester Townhouse Makeover" project with the Rotary Club
Serving meals to local first-responders
During the 2020-2021 school year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are focusing our entire community service-learning effort to support Grass Roots Neighbors. This all-volunteer, non-profit community organization is ensuring local families impacted by the pandemic are receiving food, clothing, and other goods to survive this ongoing crisis. Each Friday during our weekly supplies drive-in events, families are bringing donations to help this organization.