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WISH A Whole Scholar
Approach to Education

Practices » Arts


At WISH we believe that art is an important part of every person's growth and development. Throughout their educational journey at WISH students participate in weekly art classes that involve learning about the Masters, explore different forms and techniques, and discover who they are as creators of meaning using different tools, textures, and environmental supplies.

Art classes are also process oriented so that the children can explore and express their own ideas without the pressure of creating something that has to look a certain way. The children will make work to take home along with making community projects that will live at WISH. Many of the projects will be in alignment with what the teachers are working on in their classrooms or based on the interests of the children.

In the art-making sessions, there will often be a focus on materials and ample time given to explore using them. The children will work with various mediums and processes in the art to build their knowledge while creating personally satisfying pieces. Some projects will be in response to famous artists, some cultural explorations, and others free creative license. We will also work with the Arts for WISH committee and our community at large to bring guest artists into our classes so that various creative expertise can benefit the children.