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Independent Study

Independent Study

We are excited to serve the entire WISH community as we approach the 21-22 school year. This school year will afford us the opportunity to return to typical hours of operation and programming! Last year, we had success with our Distance Learning program and our Hybrid Learning program in the spring. WISH, like all public schools in California, was directed to close down in March of 2020, to reopen gradually for high need students beginning November of 2020, and to open fully with additional safety measures in place using social distancing in March 2021. The opportunities for distance learning, hybrid learning, and return to full-day in-person instruction were dictated by the CDC, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, and our contractual responsibilities as schools that co-locate on LAUSD facilities. The health and safety of our community is our priority. At this juncture, we are required to provide full-day in-person instruction five days a week for all pupils, with an Independent Study option for pupils who require such services at this time. As the COVID-19 virus continues and new strains are identified our anticipated school program for the entire TK-12 population may change due to public health guidelines and the requirements put in place for public school service.  If the requirements change, per the CDC, LACDPH, and LAUSD facilities occupancy agreements, and we must return to Distance Learning or Hybrid Learning models, then WISH will, as in the past, follow the requirements of the public health experts and fulfill our duty as public educators by adjusting our model and/or onsite safety requirements. 


We will continue to implement all safety measures as required by the State of California, local health department, as well as, the LAUSD facilities occupancy requirements:

-Daily entrance screening

-Temperature checks

-Wearing masks

-Weekly COVID testing

-MERV 13 air filters in central HVAC systems

-Regular hand washing and available hand sanitizer for students and staff

-Implementing all recommended cleaning procedures


We do expect the vast majority, if not all, of our students, will return to on-campus learning (as so many did this spring for our hybrid program and an even greater number for our summer school programs). We know that we will operate a safe and effective educational program and will fulfill the intent of the state legislature to return students to campus for regular school days.


While there has been an increase in case rates recently on the county and statewide level, I am heartened by the fact that nearly all of our staff have received the COVID-19 vaccine at this time and according to the LACDPH community data tracker the vaccination rates in the communities we serve are high; Westchester-85% LACDPH- Vaccine Dashboard


That said, we know that a small number of families may wish, because of medical concerns, to have their children remain on a school program learning from home. Senate Bill 130, passed just two weeks ago, gives WISH the ability to provide such a program in the coming school year. SB 130 authorizes "independent study for a pupil whose health would be put at risk by in-person instruction, as determined by the parent or guardian."

Some of the programmatic requirements for this provision are similar to our online distance learning program from last year (opportunities for both synchronous and asynchronous instruction, a comprehensive course of study, tracking of engagement in the program by school officials, etc.). We will partner with Edgenuity and other programs to ensure a full spectrum of support for pupils on independent study. Again, we expect that the vast majority of families will return to our on-campus program; however, we have put measures in place to offer the online Independent Study program for the small number of families who require it. Parameters and supports for the independent study will depend on the number of pupils that require an at-home program. At this juncture, we can guarantee that your child has this option if needed and will be able to return to the classroom within 5 days of declaring their interest in joining the on-campus program. We cannot guarantee that your child will have the full scope of activities, electives, classmates, and teachers that they would otherwise have if they come to school in person. These features may change based on the number of pupils that need independent study. If pupils begin the school year in in-person learning and then need to move to Independent Study they will be permitted to do so throughout the school year. 



Independent Study Interest Form All families please complete by 8/4/21