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WISH A Whole Scholar
Approach to Education

WISH Communications

WISH Communications

Throughout the school year, we provide a number of ways for our families to stay informed of the fun happening across all of our schools. Here is an overview of each:

WISH Wise Weekly
Each Sunday afternoon or early evening this newsletter is sent via email to the entire school. This includes organization and schoolwide information, grouped by school grade span. This provides everything you need to know for the upcoming next two weeks! It is only for school updates. If you are not receiving the WWW please email the office manager for your school so you can be added (ES- Sara Sommer, [email protected]; MS and HS- Tenisha Redway; [email protected].)

Principal Newsletters
Each Tuesday the WISH Community and Academy principals share information pertinent to only their school for this newsletter, adding in more specifics and context relevant to just the families of each grade span.

WISH Business Blast
Each month the Business Blast highlights WISH Family-owned businesses and businesses in the community have created partnerships with WISH. To include information about your business, please email [email protected]

WISH Community Association (WCA)
The WCA is our whole WISH community, comprised of parents, caregivers, teachers, faculty, staff, students, and community members. We work together to ensure we have the best programs and educational experiences for the young people we serve. The WCA meets every other month, hosts many events, has committees, and leads community education evenings. We are fortunate to have Raj Makwana, parent to a WISH Academy 12th grader, and Patti Scott, parent to a WISH Middle 8th grader and WISH Academy 11th grader, as WCA co-presidents. If you are new to WISH and you have questions about family involvement or if you have been at WISH for a while and you are seeking additional ways to get involved, please reach out to Raj ([email protected]) and Patti ([email protected]). 

WISH Families Facebook and Grade Level Facebook pages
Our Facebook pages (WISH Charter External Page and private WISH Charter Families Page) are used to share community-wide and grade-level information. You are welcome to join the community-wide and grade-level pages affiliated with your child. Please be mindful of the norms. All stakeholder groups are welcome on all WISH-affiliated Facebook pages and they include parents, guardians, teachers, administrators, and staff members. These pages are to communicate and celebrate! Each page has assigned administrators and these folks carry out the shared agreements we have committed to as a community. We are thrilled to be in a community with multiple perspectives! Please remember that all members of our community are doing their very best to exceed your expectations and provide excellence for your family. If a mistake is made or if feedback is appropriate, it is to be given privately and 1:1 through a courageous conversation, not on a public forum such as Facebook or in a group text, etc. All posts are expected to be kind and respectful. If you have a question or a concern please contact the office lead at your child's school, your child's teacher, or if appropriate the principal. 

New Format for the WISH Wise Weekly

The WISH Wise Weekly has been a tradition since our very first year of operation, being a consistently reliable source for everything WISH! Over the next few weeks, the format of the WWW is shifting to include highlights of school activities, with links to the website to read more information. This provides us with the ability to update the information immediately on the website, and in turn, creates a shorter WWW each week. Also coming soon, a new website design and mobile app - making it even easier to keep up with all the fun happening at WISH. As we make these shifts, please share suggestions for our weekly communication with Shawna Draxton at [email protected]