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WISH A Whole Scholar
Approach to Education

Inspiring Student Moments

Elementary School Committee Volunteers:
We are so proud of our community for putting together such a lovely ceremony for our kids, despite all of the rules and regulations! Your patience and understanding were so very much appreciated! BIG thanks to Chauthy Pham, Christina Johnson, Cori Gafni, Drew Wicks, Karyn Gallen, Kelli Andrews, Kori Nobuyuki, Kristina Muehlherr, Paula Mendoza, Robyn Altman, Stephanie Dudley, Suzanne Shafner, and Melanie Goldstein! A huge thank you to Raj Makwana, Duncan Rampen, and Devan Makwana for helping with the live streaming and sound! Appreciation goes to Rachel Woodward, Diana Villasenor, and Jade Ruggerio for the set-up and hosting of the tables throughout the event! Thank you to Neil O'Loughlin for taking pictures, to Mr. Peder for leading the musical group which included Eloise Rego, Hunter Nord, Bodhi Younger, Dashal Harris, Elliot Bixon, Max Gallen, Allison Gallardo, and to all of the 5th-grade students and teachers Ms. HIll, Ms. Oney, Mr. Manning, and Ms. O'Loughlin. A special thank you to acting principal Ms. Chavez for making the graduation so special.

Middle School Committee Volunteers:
Thank you to Jessalyn Matyas, Micahel Matyas, Alison Grover-Khoury, Paula Mendoza, Catherine Lacey Dodd, Homa Rezvani, Zsuzsi Steiner, and the WISH families who donated to make this ceremony extra special for each of our 8th graders.
Thank you to the site committee leaders Ms. McCole, Mr. Lee, and Mr. Sky! A shout to Mr. Sky for leading all sound and music, and Mr. Ilko for providing support with live streaming, and to the incredible students: Michael Koppula, Noah Steinman, Rahly Keller, Nicolas Steinman, and Timmy Washburn! Thank you to Mr. Shelton for leading the team with all of the facility's needs and ensuring that every detail was absolutely perfect- you rock! A big thank you to Ms. Kiraleigh and Mr. Drian for helping with the setup and the welcome table! And three cheers to the entire faculty and staff, Mr. Bochicchio, and Ms. Murphy for making the day special!

High School Committee Volunteers:
A big shout-out to the amazing and hard-working high school graduation committee volunteers, including, Tara Hopkins, Christopher Tsichlis, Sean Lennon, Mayra Zendejas, Casey Wilson, Anna Szczubelek, and Janet Landon for making the WISH Academy inaugural graduation exceptional. Special thanks to Fiona Godschalk, Teffiny, Mia, and Illa Bagnara, and Emily Snyder for helping with the decorations! And to LaDarion Elliot for handling all of the site facilities details! Thank you to Mr. Sky, Raj Makwana, and our incredible students: Michael Koppula, Noah Steinman, Rahly Keller, Nicolas Steinman, Devan Makwana, and Timmy Washburn for supporting with all AV needs! Thank you for the incredible pictures, Zsuszi Steiner! Thanks for ensuring so many extra details were taken care of Emily Snyder, Tenisha Alexander, and Cynthia Avalos. And a big thank you to the National Honor Society students who volunteered for setting up and more at the graduation, you made each guest feel very special! Immense gratitude to each and every one of the faculty and staff members who encouraged, met with on zoom and in person, cheered, supported, and did whatever it took to get each and every one of the WISH Academy pupils to the stage to get their hard-earned diplomas! Congratulations to Ms. Mowll, the WISH Academy faculty and staff, and to all of the parents and students of the Class of 2021!