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Middle School - 6-8 » Lockers


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It is so exciting to have a locker! Congratulations!
Please watch the following video to learn how to open your locker lock.
This week in PE, the kids will be working with their PE teachers to make sure they can access their lockers. During PE class, the teachers will make sure that the locker codes work and that the kids know how to locate and use their lockers. If your child's locker code is not working, then the PE teacher will give your child a new code. The students will practice opening the lock of their locker with their teachers and classmates while in PE. There may also be some time to decorate the inside of their lockers in PE class. Students can also decorate the inside of their lockers at a later time. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's locker code after the first week of school, please contact Stacey Neuss at [email protected]