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Technology Information

Ms. Janine, our technology manager, can support you with your Chromebook, charging cord and technology needs for access to instruction. For pupils on Independent Study, Ms. Janine can provide some assistance with connectivity to the internet to your child's device and a Chromebook and charger will be provided. She also manages GoGuardian, a system that monitors student internet use, as well as our schoolwide database for distributing textbooks and other instructional materials that are checked out. Please contact her through the help center to submit a ticket for support with your technology needs that involve hardware.

Please note that in the event of theft or vandalism, a police report from the jurisdictional law enforcement agency is required. Replacement cases and charging cords are available at an additional cost should these items need to be replaced for any reason.

Ms. Kimberlie, our compliance manager, can support you with software matters. She manages Infinite Campus, Gmail, Canvas, Zoom, and a myriad of software accounts that pupils use to access the WISH instructional program. If you need assistance from Ms. Kimberlie, please submit a ticket through the help center so your request can be prioritized.

WISH offers two technology programs for families wanting to use personal devices either on or off campus.
After Hours Device Charging Program
WISH understands that students might prefer to use their personal computer at home and leave their school issued chromebook at school.  Participating Middle and High School students who are opting out of taking the Chromebook home are expected to do the following:

  • Pick up assigned Chromebook in the designated charging station every morning before advisory.  Drop off Chromebook in the designated charging station at the end of the day before going home. Parents will be notified how to sign up in the WISH Wise Weekly. Students can adjust their participation in this program at the beginning of each semester. This program begins mid September.
Bring Your Own Device Program
WISH Community (6-8) and Academy students can earn the privilege of bringing their personal device (chromebook or laptop only) to school once they show great digital citizenship in class and on GoGuardian for the first month of school.  Once the Technology team reviews each interested student’s Kickboard account and receives teacher feedback, students will receive a green circle sticker to apply on their personal laptop or chromebook.  Teachers will notify the Technology Team should any students use personal devices without the green sticker. Parents will be notified how to sign up in the WISH Wise Weekly. This program begins at the end of September.