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Return to Campus - FAQ

Below are responses to the most frequently asked questions related to WISH Community & Academy Schools’ Return to Campus program. Please note the responses may change as additional information from the state, local and district officials becomes available, including from the Los Angeles County Department of Health. After reviewing the below, if you have additional questions, please complete this form. We will do our best to post updates to this FAQ as soon as more information becomes available. Thank you 


Q:  What is the timeline for returning to campus in any capacity for in-person student learning?  

A:  While projections may change, currently we are working toward the following timeline:

  • 3/15 - Small learning hubs of TK-12 students return (WISH phases 1-4); Sports Conditioning
  • 3/29 - 4/9 Spring Break
  • 4/12 - 4/16 - Teachers on campus; final preparations; all faculty, staff, and students tested 
  • 4/19 - Hybrid return to campus- orientation day!

Q:  What does “return to campus learning” mean?

A:  After state, local, and district approvals, students will have the option to return to campus in small, stable cohorts with PPE and safety provisions in a hybrid learning environment. The class size will approximately 14 students and 2 adults.

Q:  What is the decision-making process that dictates the timing to be able to return on campus? 

A: WISH and all public schools in Los Angeles County are mandated to adhere to the following. Each level must give approval before the next agency can take action.

decision tree


Q:  If I opt-out of returning to campus as part of phase 5/hybrid, can I opt-in at a later time?

A:  No. Only those children who register before Tuesday, March 25, 2021, will be a part of an on-campus cohort group. Only if LADPH recommendations change will we be able to accommodate new students after the registration deadline.

Q:  If we register for on-campus/hybrid learning and decide to return to distance learning, is that possible? And if so, how quickly can we switch back? 

A: Students are permitted to switch from hybrid to distance, but not distance to hybrid after the registration deadline. A return to distance learning can occur immediately on the next school day.

Q: Can you guarantee that siblings will be on the same hybrid schedule across grades and schools?

A: We are prioritizing every family to be on the same AABB a/b hybrid schedule.

Q:  When does “small cohort” mean? How many students can be in each classroom?

A:  Each classroom will have one small cohort of approximately 14 or fewer students and 2 adults maximum. Students will move to grade-level cohorts as soon as permissions are granted.

Q:  Will we have the option to continue with virtual learning if we choose not to return to campus?

A:   Yes. WISH will continue to offer our robust distance learning program at least through the end of the 2020-2021 school year.


Q:  During lunch, how will masks off work?

A: Students who leave at 1:00 pm will eat lunch at home. Students who receive free or reduced lunch meals will still participate in the grab-and-go program. If students are on campus for hybrid learning and need a snack during a break they will remove their mask and eat their snack, six feet away from any other person and outdoors. Students who are participating in the extended day will eat lunch outdoors, socially distanced from peers, with their masks off, and with peers in the same designated group.

Q:  What does hybrid learning really mean?  I would like to know, step-by-step, what a school day/week would look like for my child in elementary school for hybrid learning. 

A: Currently we have permission to serve students on campus from 8:30-3:00 pm. Students in A group will be assigned to attend in-person learning on Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday. Students in group B will be assigned to attend in-person learning on Thursday, Friday, and every other Wednesday. When students are not receiving in-person instruction on campus they are to log in to their classroom through distance learning. Students will play outdoors for their nutrition break with the grade level group.

Q:  Have there been any modifications made to address airflow in the classrooms?

A: Yes, the HVAC systems in our buildings have been upgraded, and new MERV 13 filters have been installed as recommended by the County Department of Public Health. Look at LAUSD site for info; Austin transcripts

Q:  Are teachers sharing classrooms?

A: Yes, if necessary, as determined by the master schedule. Cohorting, social distancing, and sanitization rules still apply.

Q:  How often are bathrooms cleaned/maintained? 

A: The LAUSD custodians will continue to adhere to the required cleaning schedules and regiments for all areas on campus. In addition, WISH will continue its bathroom logs and sanitization procedures three times each day.

Q: Can my child refill his or her water bottle while on campus?

A: Yes, we will have filling stations available.


Q:  What type of testing will be conducted?

A:  WISH has partnered with CoVerify for all saliva-based Covid19 testing for all staff. WISH is currently using CoVerify to test staff at the Westchester townhouse. WISH has also partnered with SchoolPass to screen all students and staff as they enter the campus. Read about both of these partners on our Return to Campus page.

Q: How often will faculty, staff, and students participating in on-campus learning be tested?

A: All faculty, staff, and students taking part in our hybrid learning program on WISH campuses are tested weekly. Those that are immunocompromised are tested twice weekly.

Q: What does the wellness screening include? Is it just a temperature check? Are we asking parents to be on the honor system? 

A: Each morning every student planning to be on a WISH campus that day will need to use the SchoolPass app and complete a wellness check. This includes answering a few questions related to having a fever, experiencing any COVID-related symptoms and if they have been in contact recently with anyone confirmed with COVID. Yes, we are expecting all members of our community to be truthful about any symptoms they are experiencing related to COVID-19. In addition to the wellness screening, every student will participate in a touchless temperature check as they enter the main gate of each school.

Q:  How fast do we get COVID testing results?  Do you have to get test results before being allowed on campus? How is it helpful if they’re given covid test but allowed to enter before results come in?

A: Test results will be shared via text within 48 hours. Each student and staff member must take a COVID-19 saliva test each week, including the week before coming on campus for the first time. The test taken each week is effectively providing permission for that person to be on campus for the upcoming week.

Q: If one sibling passes the wellness screening and/or the on-campus temperature check, and the other does not, do they both stay home?  

A: Yes. If one sibling does not pass the wellness screening or temperate check all siblings in that household are required to stay home until they can pass the wellness screening and receive a negative COVID test.

Q:  Are teachers mandated to receive a vaccine before returning to campus. 

A:  State and county guidelines do not mandate any school staff to get a vaccine. As of March 1 every WISH educator and staff member has been offered the ability to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Q:  Can we walk to school, or do we have to drive?  Will each parent have a placard of their child’s name so that staff can easily see who is being picked up?

A: Any mode of transportation is welcome as long as each family participates in the SchoolPass entering and exiting procedures for your child. We are replacing the placard system with SchoolPass. Each family will receive a QR code connected to their child’s SchoolPass account. The QR code will be scanned at the arrival location on each campus, thereby notifying your child’s teacher that you are there to pick them up and they will direct your child to the pick-up location.

Q:  Will there be a type of mask standard so all kids are protected equally?

A: Per LA County guidelines, a cloth mask is acceptable, and all faculty, staff and students are required to wear a mark on campus.

Q:  Is our 6th grade lumped in with 7-12 since we are a 6-8 middle school?

A: In regard to reopening, 6th grade will open on the TK-6th grade timeline as recommended by the County.

Q: Does the COVID testing we do for HS sports count for school as well?

A: Yes

Medical Questions for Board President and Pediatrician Dr. Danelle Fisher

Q: Has Dr. Fisher seen any patients with MIS-C?

A: The answer fortunately is no. MIS-C is exceedingly rare.

Q: How does Dr. Fisher feel about the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccination?
A: Currently the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is under review for an extremely rare but serious side effect involving blood cots. The review is being conducted by the CDC and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. When vaccination commences, we will recommend following vaccination guidelines for J&J. For those who have received the vaccine within the past 2 weeks, they should monitor for any health symptoms and contact their physician with questions. 
Q: Will children under 12 get the vaccine by the fall? 
A: I do believe they will, as long as the studies go well. Stay tuned...
Q: At what age/weight are kids more likely to get sicker from Covid or spread the virus? 
A: In general, the younger the child the less likely they are to get sick from and spread the virus. Weight may be an important factor in the teen years with those who are obese at a higher risk but that it is still not as severe as what is seen in the adult population.