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Return To Campus 2021/2022

Dear WISH Community and Academy families,
Thank you for your continued collaboration and support! We continue to make adjustments to ensure that all of our pupils and staff are experiencing the highest level of support within the safest environment for learning. We are following the guidance from the CDC, LACDPH, and the LAUSD Facilities, and Operations teams to ensure we are upholding the high standards of the health professionals and their recommendations. As WISH operates on LAUSD campuses we must follow the LAUSD Containment Plan guidance when making final decisions about which guidelines to follow. Thank you for strictly adhering to our community compact, for participating in the morning health and safety questionnaire on School Pass, and for supporting the safety measures put into place at this time. We are grateful to be back to school with each of you and look forward to continuing to provide everyone in the WISH family with the best program possible. 
Thank you,
Shawna Draxton, PhD
Executive Director, TK-12
WISH Community and Academy Schools
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As a community, we are committed to bringing students, faculty, and staff back to our campus safely. This page provides our roadmap to do that, as permitted and guided by local authorities and medical professionals.

Our Guiding Principles

As a reminder, all of our efforts are guided by 3 key principles:

priciples image

Safety Requirements for All
-Daily entrance screening
-Surgical masks or a higher grade of mask is encouraged for all pupils
-Surgical masks or a higher grade of mask is required for all faculty and staff
-Seating charts are used at all times to aid with close contact identification
-Wearing masks indoors and outdoors
-Masks are removed for outdoor eating (folks on modified quarantine are to respectfully sit 6 feet apart with masks off while eating)
-Weekly PCR COVID-19 testing is conducted on campus
-MERV 13 air filters in central HVAC systems replaced
-Regular hand washing and hand sanitizer are available for all students and staff
-Cleaning and disinfecting procedures in all areas throughout the day according to LACDPH guidelines
-Physical distancing will be maximized 
-Sharing of instructional materials will be minimized and whenever possible children will be given their own supplies; items that require sharing will be disinfected between uses

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the appropriate staff members below.


A help center has been created to ensure you get a timely response to any of your needs. You can fill out a ticket here and can see where your request is on the help center dashboard:


Submit a ticket to the WISH Help Center


If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime please contact the appropriate WISH staff members:


Elementary School: 

Office Manager- Sara Sommer;

Principal- Jessica Oney;


Middle School:

Office Manager- Kiraleigh Bohannon;

Principal- Chelsie Murphy;


High School:

Office Manager- Tenisha Redway (Alexander);

Principal- Kellie Mowll;


**Office Managers can help with giving families access to the WISH Wise Weekly, Infinite Campus Student Information Systems, CoVerify Testing, SchoolPass, valet information, afterschool care programs, and any questions about master school schedules. 


Central Office Staff:

Attendance, Lunch Program, Infinite Campus, Educational Software program- Kimberlie Traceski;

Technology and Chromebooks- Janine Bielski;

Lottery, COVID Exposure Management, CoVerify Testing- Jennie Brook;

Executive Director- Shawna Draxton;

General return to campus information
As part of our “Return to Campus” program, several new initiatives are critical to the success of a safe, simple, and fun learning environment for each of our amazing WISH students. Below are steps each family can take right now to be ready to navigate the unique elements aligned to a safe return to school for all of our scholars. 
1) Download the SchoolPass Application
This one app serves two critical functions for our safe return to campus: an easy-to-use daily “Wellness Check” & coordinating the drop-off and pick-up of our students.
  • Wellness Check.
    Every student and staff member is required to perform a symptom self-check before coming to campus. To make self-screening as convenient as possible, WISH has partnered with SchoolPass for an easy-to-use screening tool. The app will inform users whether or not they may visit campus. Watch this video to learn more about completing daily wellness checks.

  • Drop-Off/Pick-Up.
    SchoolPass is also providing a safe and simple process for our student drop-off and pick-up. Also, signage and school staff will be on-site for assistance as well.
    • Drop Off: 
      • Before driving to campus, parents complete a SchoolPass wellness check at home. Upon arrival in the valet line, an adult will come to each car, and each parent/guardian will show the completed Green Wellness Pass from the School Pass application, and then your child will exit the vehicle and go through their assigned gate.
      • There will be a second adult at the gate to ensure that SchoolPass has cleared them on the application dashboard and ensure we have a negative COVID test on file from the last week.
    • Pick Up: 
      • Valet Pick Up: With this system, parents enter the valet line, and an adult will type in your child's name into the application. This will let teachers know when parents or guardians are in the pick-up line and when they arrived. As teachers receive updates, students will make their way to each car in a socially-distanced way (Elementary School Only). Middle and High school parents must follow the traditional valet rules. Students will be released from their classrooms and then they will walk directly to the valet or be released to walk home, take the bus, or meet their parents/caregivers in another location. Please tell your child exactly what they should expect at the end of the day so that know where to find you. If you decide to use the valet you must follow all of the rules- 1. Pull forward as directed, 2. No U-turns, 3. Enter at the valet entrance, do not cut the middle of the line, 4. Students should enter the car quickly and caregivers should pull forward and exit the valet as directed 
      • Walking Pick Up: If you walk to campus to pick up your child, you will need to stand at the walk-up station, and then the adult input your child's name notifying the teacher that you have arrived. Your child will then be dismissed from class and will walk out to you directly.
Additional Notes: Elementary families can also use SchoolPass to make arrival and dismissal changes (e.g., report an early pickup or allow another family member to pick their child up) and automatically notify the school office and the teacher(s). If your child is biking home, walking home on their own, attending daycare, or a sports program please indicate this in your SchoolPass application before the end of the school day so that we can release the child to the appropriate location at the end of the day.
All pupils in grades 4 and 5 are permitted to leave campus on their own to walk or ride their bike home as long as that information is input school pass and the front office receives an email.
All pupils in grades 6-12 will be permitted to leave campus at the end of the day to ride, walk, or bike home. If you are picking your child up in the valet you must follow all of the valet rules. If you are picking your child up in another location please make sure they know the location and DO NOT ask them to jaywalk to get to you, if you are across the street they must use the crosswalk to get to you. Parents/caregivers may not direct children to jaywalk or walk them across the street themselves in an area that is not a crosswalk. Do not double park and block other vehicles in the valet while calling your child to walk in between cars.
Please download the app today from the Apple IOS store or the Google Play Store. If helpful, you can watch a tutorial on how to Download the School Pass application and sign your child up to participate. 
  • Click HERE to view the tutorial on how to Download the School Pass application and sign your child up to participate.
  • First-time Login details:
Username: your email address (Be sure to use the parent/caregiver email address we have on file in our school records)
Password: password (Use all lowercase letters, and you will have the option to change your password once your login.)
View the videos below to learn more about SchoolPass: 
2) COVID-19 Testing
1. Weekly PCR Testing
Every week fall pupils, faculty, and staff will participate in on-campus PCR testing through CoVerify using the Flowhealth labs. 
Elementary school testing: Weekly on Wednesdays
Middle and High school testing: Weekly on Thursdays
New Time- Drive-through testing: 12:00 pm-12:30 pm weekly on both campuses using the valet line area
Makeup testing will occur on campus for all pupils who were not tested during their regular testing day that week
*All tests will cover the weekly testing requirement for the following week. If pupils are unable to PCR test, rapid antigen tests will be permitted for school access.
2. CoVerify the walk-up clinic to get tested:
CoVerify/Flowhealth walk-up clinics are always available for pupils, faculty, and staff who need an additional COVID test throughout the week

Culver City - 8537 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232 - Mon-Sun 5 am - 9 pm
Highland Park - 6516 N Figueroa St, Suite F, Los Angeles, 90042 - Mon-Sun 7 am - 3 pm
Santa Monica PSC - 12416 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025- 6 am-10 pm, seven days a week

3.  Tests from alternative locations and at-home antigen tests

We would prefer that all members of the community use the COVID PCR testing for CoVerify in-school testing and CoVerify walk-in clinics so that it is easy for our Office Managers to identify who has a negative COVID test on file each week, within our database. If you do get a test from an alternative location please send the results to our office managers and please have your child prepared to share the results of those tests upon entry to ensure quick and easy access to the school setting. 
General COVID 19 testing information:

Every week, each faculty, staff, and community member will be required to take a COVID-19 test to participate in on-campus activities and in-person learning until the end of January. Beginning February 1st, only pupils who are not vaccinated will need to get a weekly COVID test.  WISH uses CoVerify for all of our COVID testing for faculty, staff, and students. All data is safely stored and secured. WISH staff is provided a list of all pupils who have secured a negative COVID test from the CoVerify database.
Step 1: Complete the New CoVerify testing Registration form (All families must re-register, even if you filled out a form last year.)
  • Click HERE for the CoVerify testing instructions.
Step 2:  All students need to have a negative COVID test each week and within seven days of the start of in-person instruction after a break.
Please scan a copy of your child(ren)'s vaccination card and email it to Sara/Kira/Tenisha in the appropriate main office. Alternatively, you may provide a hard copy for us to keep on file in our Infinite Campus student information system
FlowHealth Lab Phone Number for CoVerify test information: 323-905-0125
*You do not need to call ahead of time or make an appointment; just let them know that you are a WISH student, faculty, or staff member 
Parents, guardians, and caregivers who would like to attend in-person events on campus must show a negative PCR or Antigen COVID test from any testing location- Free COVID 19 testing in LA for parents/guardians/caregivers. Folks who would prefer to access information off-campus and/or who do not have a valid PCR or Antigen COVID test from the last seven days will have the opportunity to participate in orientation, mixers, and our community updates through Zoom. 
Type of test:
The CoVerify test is a Nasal PCR test. The tube is sealed and sent to the lab for examination and assessment of COVID-19. For pupils who cannot take the nasal PCR an option for a saliva test will be provided. 
CoVerify/FlowHealth Help:
CoVerify and FlowHealth work together to ensure all COVID-19 testing information is safe and secure. If you would like direct access to the FlowHealth portal to monitor your child's tests each week you can sign up to view the patient portal:  Patient Portal Directions
If you would like assistance from FlowHealth regarding your child's CoVerify COVID 19 test results you can go here: Registration Reset and Help Form

3) Review & Sign the WISH Compact

As more of our community is together on our WISH campuses, we each have a shared responsibility for our collective health and well-being. These expectations are rooted in safety protocols for students, staff, faculty, and the public with whom we interact. One member of the WISH community's actions can have implications for all members of our community and the community at large. As such, we ask every member of the WISH community to agree to sign the “WISH Compact” - agreeing to adhere and follow all safety protocols, knowing that as we each care for ourselves, we care for each other and our neighbors. Please click here to review the “WISH Compact” as a family and agree to do your part to protect the WISH community's health.
4) Sign up for the new Student Information System

We are very excited to launch the 2021-2022 school year with our new Student Information System (SIS) - Infinite Campus. This system replaces Illuminate Education.  


All parents are encouraged to create a personal account using the information below.  Portal access will enable parents to review student records and schedules, download state test scores, update emergency contact details, see student grades, and will provide access to the student store to pay for a variety of items including ordering daily school lunches for your children.  


We are continuing to update and roll out the various features of Infinite Campus and want to ensure every parent is able to access all of the vital information and supports that this powerful program provides.  Please click on the URL below to complete the setup of your personal parent account. 


You will receive a personalized email to sign up for your new Infinite Campus account. If you need to be resent the Infinite Campus invitation you can email or if you did not receive the email please submit a ticket through the help center.


5. School Lunch Information

School hot lunch is available to all interested families. Please sign up for hot lunch here: 

Lunch Program Sign up and Information Page 

If you have any questions, please contact Kimberlie

6. Technology


Ms. Janine, our technology manager, can support you with your Chromebook, charging device, Chromebook insurance, and technology needs for access to instruction. For pupils on Independent Study, Ms. Janine, can provide some assistance with connectivity to the internet to your child's device and a Chromebook and charger will be provided. She also manages GoGuardian, a system that monitors student internet use, as well as, our schoolwide database for distributing textbooks and other instructional materials that are checked out. Please contact her through the help center to submit a ticket for support with your technology needs that involved hardware.


Ms. Kimberlie, our compliance manager, can support you with software matters. She manages Infinite Campus, gmail, Canvas, Zoom, and a myriad of software accounts that pupils use to access the WISH instructional program. If you need assistance from Ms. Kimberlie please submit a ticket through the help center so your request can be prioritized.

Please visit our technology page for more information. 


7. Travel 
Please read the latest guidelines below and follow them for the safety of our entire community.
Travel Guidelines
8. Vaccines

Per the recent policy passed by LAUSD, the week of 8/9/21, all faculty and staff members working on LAUSD campuses are required to be vaccinated fully against COVID-19 by 10/15/21.


Any adult coming onto campus or attending a WISH on-campus event must be vaccinated for COVID-19. To show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination please show your digital vaccine card using either of these links:

California Department of Public Health Digital Vaccine Card Link 


If you are volunteering in a classroom on a regular basis, leading centers, and in close proximity to students for greater than 15 minutes and less than 6 feet you will be asked to also show a negative COVID test each week.


The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health partnered with Healthvana in December of 2020 to provide digital vaccination records. These are available to residents of LA County (including Pasadena and Long Beach) who have received at least one dose of vaccine (regardless of where they were vaccinated) and anyone who has received at least one dose in LA County (regardless of where they live).


You are considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 two weeks after:

  • You got a Johnson & Johnson (J&J)/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine, or
  • You got a second dose of a Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, or
  • You finished the series of a COVID-19 vaccine that has been listed for emergency use by the World Health Organization [WHO]


It is helpful for the school to have the most updated records on pupils regarding the COVID-19. Please submit your child's vaccination record for COVID-19 to the office manager for your school, or upload it to your child's profile on Infinite Campus.

On 12/14 the LAUSD board voted to extend the vaccination requirements for pupils until fall 2022. Thereby, all pupils will be permitted to attend in-person schooling, even if they are not vaccinated, until the end of the 2021-2022 school year. It is recommended that all pupils get vaccinated as soon as possible though.
In January, and beyond, all pupils, faculty, and staff will be tested weekly for COVID-19 regardless of vaccination status. 
Please upload your child's vaccine information by completing this form.
9. Independent Study
We are excited to serve the entire WISH community as we approach the 21-22 school year. This school year will afford us the opportunity to return to typical hours of operation and programming! Last year, we had success with our Distance Learning program and our Hybrid Learning program in the spring. WISH, like all public schools in California, was directed to close down in March of 2020, to reopen gradually for high need students beginning November of 2020, and to open fully with additional safety measures in place using social distancing in March 2021. The opportunities for distance learning, hybrid learning, and return to full-day in-person instruction were dictated by the CDC, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, and our contractual responsibilities as schools that co-locate on LAUSD facilities. The health and safety of our community is our priority. At this juncture, we are required to provide full-day in-person instruction five days a week for all pupils, with an Independent Study option for pupils who require such services at this time. As the COVID-19 virus continues and new strains are identified our anticipated school program for the entire TK-12 population may change due to public health guidelines and the requirements put in place for public school service.  If the requirements change, per the CDC, LACDPH, and LAUSD facilities occupancy agreements, and we must return to Distance Learning or Hybrid Learning models, then WISH will, as in the past, follow the requirements of the public health experts and fulfill our duty as public educators by adjusting our model and/or onsite safety requirements. 
We understand that a small number of families may wish, because of medical concerns and other specific needs, wish to have their children remain on a school program learning from home. Senate Bill 130, passed just two weeks ago, gives WISH the ability to provide such a program in the coming school year. SB 130 authorizes "independent study for a pupil whose health would be put at risk by in-person instruction, as determined by the parent or guardian." Please complete the "Independent Study Request Form" if you are interested in this program. 

Current Guidance

  • Review current LA county COVID rates here
  • Review the current state of California COVID rates here

Assembly Bill (AB) 104

This new law, which went into effect on July 1, 2021, includes options that include requesting retention for eligible students, as noted below, changing grades to a Pass or No Pass for students enrolled in high school last year, and waiving graduation requirements that exceed the state credit and course minimums for students who were juniors or seniors in the 2020-21 school year. Please review the link below and take the additional next steps if this applies to your family.

Assembly Bill (AB) 104 Pupil Instruction:  Retention, Grade Changes, and Exemptions

WISH Safety Plans

  • WISH Community Elementary and Middle Schools Safe Schools Plan
    Please click below to download the plan
  • WISH Academy Safe Schools Plan
    Please click below to download the plan
WISH is following these policies; which include adherence to all LAUSD policies on vaccination, safety, exposure mitigation, and COVID-19 practices as we are co-located on LAUSD campuses and per our facilities use agreement we are required to follow all policies and practices in these areas:
Please review the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health COVID-19 TK- 12 Data Dashboard for the most up to date cumulative case data:
Reminder: The information on this page is subject to change as more information becomes available from state, county, and district officials. Please check back often and frequently.