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Distance Learning » Distance Learning - High School

Distance Learning - High School

Distance Learning - High School - Grades 9-12
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Distance Learning Student Expectations
-Join class(es) on time and participate
-Cameras are turned on during synchronous learning and kept on unless directed by the teacher to turn them off
-Join BigBlueButton Conference with “Audio On” and then mute microphones until given permission to turn them on by the teacher
-Distance Learning Dress Code - Wear appropriate attire at all times, formal dress code is not required (shirts, bottoms, modesty, and profanity clause of the dress code must be maintained while at home.)
-Speak and act respectfully when addressing the class and when using chat tools
-Be ready with materials to engage with your lessons. Communicate with teachers via private chat if you need to leave your camera for a personal reason (example: restroom, water, etc.)
-Be present! Other devices and windows should be closed/turned off while in class
-Please read all communications sent by your teachers before emailing with questions
-No virtual backgrounds unless teacher assigned, and all real-life backgrounds, screensavers, and avatars must be school appropriate
-Email teachers if support is needed
-Only participate in assigned classes, clubs, meetings during your assigned time
Distance Learning Parent/Guardian Expectations
-Establish a workspace free of distractions for your child
-Create a morning routine and schedule and discuss it with your child
-Support your children in ensuring they have all needed materials for their lessons.
-Ensure your child is in class on time with their camera on and their microphone muted
-Use email to communicate with teachers, the chat feature is for students
-During instructional minutes teachers are teaching and will not answer emails until planning time and within 48 hours
-Support students in adhering to teacher expectations
-Support teachers by encouraging student engagement, participation, and positivity towards distance learning
-We can hear you, so please let your child learn with their teachers and allow them time to process information and give their own answer, even if it is wrong, we are learning
-Please read all communications sent by the teachers, principal, and the executive director prior to sending an email with questions
-If you have multiple children learning at the same time please allow them to wear headphones so they can stay focused and so we don’t get feedback/noise from other classrooms

Distance Learning Teacher Expectations
-Build community through establishing shared norms that facilitate care, respect, kindness, and learning
-Follow the distance learning schedule
-Provide engaging and meaningful synchronous instruction with opportunities for 1:1 instruction, small group activities, paired assignments
-Use various types of online tools
-Provide resources to distribute in pick up lines for hands-on learning activities as needed
-Communicate with families regularly and often
-Teach with web camera on
-Provide opportunities for students to see each other and communicate
-Monitor student progress and provide feedback on assignments
-Learning materials will be provided on the Friday valet line as needed; parents who want to buy their own materials will be provided a list with at least 7 days notice

-Attendance will be taken every period for HS
-All students will be expected to participate in synchronous and asynchronous learning daily
-Parents will be notified by the front office personnel when students who are not present in their distance learning synchronous classes
-Students complete their unfinished classwork from the day after lunch
-Additional HW will be assigned based on the developmental age of students
-Specific information regarding HW will be provided by teachers


-Students will be held accountable for participating in class and completing assignments- both in class and for homework
-Complete assignments and submit by due date - All assignments count towards the final grades and any assignment not turned in will be recorded as “0” and will reduce the overall grade.
-Submit original student work (Do not plagiarize; consequences listed in the student handbook will be upheld)
If you have any other questions please email your teacher or the principal.