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WISH A Whole Scholar
Approach to Education

Faculty & Staff

What do our students love most about WISH? The amazing faculty and staff and all they bring to make the learning environment through exciting, meaningful, and engaging lessons each day! Parent partnerships is an important tenet of our program. Please feel free to contact your child's teacher or any staff member by email. All teachers and staff will respond within 48 hours. If you need to have a lengthier discussion please schedule a team meeting.
AJ Achinger [email protected] 7th ELA & Reading/Writing Lab
Cassondra Al-Mouradi [email protected] 8th Education Specialist
Janine Bielski [email protected] Innovation and Strategies Manager
Jennie Brook [email protected] HR and Finance Manager
Adria Cook [email protected] School Nutrition Program Coordinator
Dr. Shawna Draxton [email protected] Executive Director
Victor Dunomes [email protected] Site Support
Linda Garcia [email protected] 6-8 Spanish
Allison Grover-Khoury [email protected] TK-8 Librarian
Diego Hayes [email protected] 7th Math & 6/7 Math Lab
Toby Holmes [email protected] 6th STEM & Science
Miya Hughes [email protected] 7th Education Specialist
Mia Huston-Carico [email protected] Speech Therapist
Andrew Knopf [email protected] Facilities Lead
Sean Leavey [email protected] 8th ELA
Matthew Lee [email protected] 7th/8th Social Studies
Maya Lohith-Clarke [email protected] Middle School Principal
Terrence Lorick [email protected] Assistant Principal
Michael Marmolejo [email protected] Interim Counselor
Maricruz Martinez [email protected] 6-8 Administrative Assistant
Michael Sky McCoy [email protected] 6-8 Music/Digital Comp/Choir
Kellie Mowll [email protected] 6-12 Instructional Coach
Stacy Neuss [email protected] Physical Education Teacher
Kathleen Norsworthy [email protected] 6th Social Studies
Elizabeth Ornelas [email protected] 6th Math & Science
Luis Pelayo [email protected] 7th/8th STEM
Drian Phillips [email protected] 6-8 Behavior & Culture
Tyler Posey [email protected] Counselor (Returning in January)
Claudia Ramirez [email protected] 8th Math & Math Lab
Michael Samela [email protected] Physical Education Teacher
Teresa Smith [email protected] Gate Monitor & Site Support
Rome Sotelo [email protected] 7th/8th Science
Hannah Swanson [email protected] 6th Education Specialist
Frances Tiger [email protected] Visual & Fine Arts
Kimberlie Traceski [email protected]

Compliance Manager

Jonathan Valladares [email protected] Office Manager
Yvette Vaught [email protected]

6th ELA & Reading/Writing Lab

Rachel Woodward [email protected]

Director of Special Services

Kevin Woody [email protected]

IT Manager