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WISH A Whole Scholar
Approach to Education

Faculty & Staff

A world-class team of educators and staff work together in leading WISH Academy's award-winning programs for more than 350 amazing students. 100% of our core curriculum teachers are credentialed, 90% of our teachers have advanced postgraduate degrees, and all of them bring incredible experiences to share with students daily. From guest lecturers, international researchers, and university professors, to patent holders, published authors, and Grammy performers, the WISH Academy educators challenge, engage, inspire, and support our scholars to reach new heights as they support them along their educational journeys.
Ms. Cynthia Avalos [email protected]

10th & 11th Grade English Language Arts

Ms. Jacqueline Benitez [email protected]

Spanish 1, 2 & 3 

Ms. Sarah  Brady [email protected]

12th Grade Education Specialist

Ms. Janine Bielski [email protected]

Innovation and Strategies Manager

Dr. Jennifer Branch

[email protected] 

12th Grade Math & Assistant Principal, Instruction

Ms. Jennie Brook [email protected]

Finance Manager

Ms. Adria Cook Meal Program Coordinator
Ms.  Kellie-Bea Cooper [email protected] Art
Mr. James Croal 10th Grade Math
Ms. Karra Ann Doyle 11th Grade Math & PLTW
Dr. Shawna Draxton

Executive Director

Ms. Victoria Garrett (Dario) [email protected]

9th Grade Education Specialist

Ms. Joy Gibson [email protected] 

11th Grade Education Specialist

Ms. Kaura Grande [email protected]

American Sign Language












Mr.  Timothy Hernandez

10th & 11th Humanities

Ms. Mia Huston [email protected] 

Speech Therapist

Mr. Markus Illko [email protected]

Head of Music

Dr. Kimberly Johnson [email protected]


Mr.  Andrew  Knopf [email protected] Facilities Manager
Ms. Janet Landon

Visual & Performing Arts

Dr.  Allison Leggett


Mr.  Edric Leggett


Ms. Joyce Lucas [email protected]

Occupational Therapist

Ms. Mar Magallon [email protected]

Administrative Assisstant 9-12

Mr.  Will Molenkamp [email protected]

9th Grade Physics & PLTW

Ms.  Kellie  Mowll [email protected] 

Data & Instructional Coach

Ms.  Sophie  Payson [email protected]

9th Grade English Language Arts

Ms. Victoria Phillips

11th & 12th Grade English Language Arts

Ms. Sheree Rhaburn

WISH Academy Counselor 9th & 10th Grade

Mr. Michael Samela  [email protected]

Physical Education Coach

Ms. Megan Shea [email protected]

11th & 12th Grade Humanities

Ms. Tersa Smith [email protected] Campus Site Support & Gate Attendant 
Ms. Christy Skura [email protected]

Physical Therapist

Anna Szczubelek [email protected]

WISH Academy Counselor 11th & 12th Grade

Ms. Kimberlie Traceski [email protected]

Compliance Manager

Ms. Kenya Turner [email protected]

10th Grade Education Specialist

Mr. Jonathan Valladares [email protected]

WISH Middle & WISH Academy Office Manager

Ms. Casey Wilson [email protected] 

Athletic Director

Ms. Rachel Woodward [email protected]

Director of Special Services

Mr. Kevin Woody [email protected]

IT Manager

Ms. Mayra  Zendejas [email protected] 

Spanish 4 &  Assistant Principal, Climate and Culture