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WISH A Whole Scholar
Approach to Education

Faculty & Staff

What do our students love most about WISH? The amazing faculty and staff and all they bring to make the learning environment through exciting, meaningful, and engaging lessons each day! Parent partnerships is an important tenet of our program. Please feel free to contact your child's teacher or any staff member by email. All teachers and staff will respond within 48 hours. If you need to have a lengthier discussion please schedule a team meeting.
Siarfo Abekah [email protected] 1st Grade Teacher
Cassandra Baker [email protected] TK Teacher
Janine Bielski [email protected] Innovation and Strategies Manager
Aya Bispham [email protected] 2nd-3rd Grade Specialist
Marie Bliss [email protected] 4th Grade Teacher
Sarah Brady [email protected] Educational Specialist
Jennie Brook [email protected] Finance Manager
Stephen Bochicchio [email protected] TK-5 Assistant Principal/IEP Sub
Steven Brostowitz [email protected] K-1st Education Specialist
Adria  Cook [email protected] School Nutrition Coordinator
Pilar Chavez [email protected] Data & Instructional Coach, LMU Liaison 
Sam Clark [email protected] 4th Grade Teacher
Megan Dalziel [email protected] TK Teacher
Christina Dossa [email protected] 5th Grade Teacher
Jolene Doucette [email protected] Morning Care, GAP, West LA Extended Day Director
Peder Draxton [email protected] TK-5 Music Teacher
Shawna Draxton [email protected] Executive Director
Julie Everakes [email protected] Kindergarten Teacher
Kyle Gleason [email protected] Kindergarten Teacher
Allison Grover-Khoury [email protected] TK-8 Librarian
Wendy Johnston [email protected] Kindergarten Teacher
Haylee Hall [email protected] 1st Grade Teacher
Courtney Hendrix [email protected] TK-5 Art Teacher
Elizabeth Hill [email protected] 5th Grade Teacher
Melody Kanda [email protected] 2nd Grade Teacher
Trisha Lee [email protected] TK-5 Counselor
Joyce Lucas [email protected] Occupational Therapist
Dustin Manning [email protected] 5th Grade Teacher
Eric Martinez [email protected] TK-8 Technology Teacher, Planet Bravo
Gustavo Martinez [email protected] TK-5 Kinesiology Teacher
Erin McCoy [email protected] 2nd Grade Teacher
Gracie Medrano [email protected] IEP Clerk
Cecily Mullings [email protected] 3rd Grade Teacher
Adrien Murphy [email protected] 2nd Grade Teacher
Shannon O'Keefe [email protected] 1st Grade Teacher
Haley O'Loughlin [email protected] 4th-5th Education Specialist
Jessica Oney [email protected] TK-5 Principal
Susana Partida [email protected] Gate Monitor & Site Support
Melissa Pennington [email protected] 1st Grade Teacher
Lulu Perez [email protected] 3rd Grade Teacher
Lisa Potruch [email protected] Speech Therapist
Jordan  Raymond [email protected] 1st Grade Teacher
Jade Ruggiero [email protected]
TK-5 Facilities Manager
Jen Scott [email protected]
TK-8 Librarian
Cate Siniawski [email protected] TK Education Specialist and TK-5  Reading Intervention Coordinator
Christy Skura [email protected] Physical Therapist
Teresa Smith [email protected] Gate Monitor & Site Support
Sara Sommer [email protected] TK-5 Office Manager
Raquel Tellez [email protected] TK-5 Office Assistant
Sami Tobias [email protected] 3rd Grade Teacher
Deanne Torvinen [email protected] TK-5 Psychologist
Kimberlie Traceski [email protected] Compliance Manager
Ashley Uy [email protected] 4th Grade Teacher
Rachel Woodward [email protected] Director of Special Services
Kevin Woody [email protected] IT Manager