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WISH's Nomination for "Outstanding Teacher of the Year"


WISH Charter is excited to announce our nominee for the 2013 "Outstanding Teacher of the Year": First Grade teacher Emily Vlasic! This year is the 30th anniversary of the Annual Teacher Eddy Awards sponsored by the Education Committee of the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce. Local schools in Westchester, Playa Del Rey and Playa Vista have submitted their nominees, and one teacher will be awarded "Top Teacher" with a $1,000 donation presented to their school at the Eddy Awards presentation on Tuesday, May 14th at the Hilton LAX.

Multiple WISH families nominated Mrs. Vlasic for her incredible commitment to the six tenets of WISH: differentiated instructional practices, family partnerships, collaboration/co-teaching, all students belong and achieve, LMU partnerships and positive behavior support. Here are just a few examples of the lovely things our WISH families had to say about her:

"Mrs. Vlasic is an exceptional teacher, and one of the best. She clearly loves her job and it shows. She is enthusiastic and nurturing, and she commands her students' attention with a warmth that is wonderful to watch."

"My son comes home and talks about how there are different people in the world, everyone learns differently, achieves at a different level, and that it is all okay. He has learned to support everyone and learn something for each person who touches his life. This comes from what he is learning and seeing in his class with Ms. Vlasic."

"She directs each child's learning process to fit their needs and achieve maximum results."

"Mrs. Vlasic works very closely with the other first grade teachers, and I love that our students benefit from their collaboration. They clearly work together to create the best curriculum for our students."

"It is clear how much she values the role of a parent in a child's education and I truly feel that we are indeed partners. We have worked together to address any needs my son may have and I have always felt that she appreciates my feedback and takes it into account."

"Ms. Vlasic is always interested in what is going on with our child emotionally and physically because she's aware of how much that can affect their academic development."

"Ms. Vlasic has spent literally hours throughout the year meeting with us and working with us to assist our child. She's been very flexible about working around our work schedules and is ALWAYS available to us. I feel like she cares about his education as much as we do."

Congratulations, Mrs. Vlasic, on your nomination for "Outstanding Teacher of the Year"!