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Toes Beach Clean-Up


It may have been a foggy morning, but it was clear to our WISH students participating in the beach clean-up, it's up to us to help protect our beaches and marine life!

WISH students, families, teachers and Principal Draxton all came out to our second annual Toes Beach Clean-A-Thon in April. A school-wide service learning project, the beach clean-up helps to educate our students about the Santa Monica Bay and our local watershed, including ways we can help to protect it by recycling, and helping to rid trash that gets into our city's drain system and lands at our beaches.

Through Heal the Bay, a local nonprofit organization, WISH adopted Playa Del Rey Beach (known locally as Toes Beach), and has worked to keep it clean. Numerous bags of trash were collected at the recent clean up, including such items as bottle caps, straws, candy wrappers, pieces of Styrofoam and numerous cigarette butts. WISH students were proud to know that they prevented these items from going into the ocean, where they could pose a significant danger to our marine life.