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WISH Students Get Up Close and Personal with a SEA MONSTER!


The week after returning from Spring Break, WISH students launched into a hands-on learning experience doing an eco-art project called "Plastic: The Real Sea Monster." WISH students collected and then sorted all kinds of household plastic items, while learning about the potential dangers plastics pose to our marine environment. Students from all grades worked together in small groups to then assemble the sea monster, using various plastic soda bottles, takeout food containers, PEZ dispensers, plates, yogurt cups, small toys and more.

Artist and activist Amy Blount Lay created the project "Plastic: The Real Sea Monster" for the Surfrider Foundation in 2009. Funded by grants and donations, this eco-art project suggests that the only sea monsters we need to fear is the trash we allow to enter our oceans, lakes and streams. The ultimate goal of the project is to educate and empower families to make better choices for themselves and our diverse marine environments.

We are grateful to WISH mom Debra Xanthos, for organizing and supporting this valuable learning project for our students.

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