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WISH Student Artists Receive a Generous Donation

We'd like to thank the Fadhli-Raymond family for their generous act of donating a kiln to WISH in memory of Julian's grandfather.  The creativity and craftsmanship that our students will develop through working with clay is due to the generosity of your family!  The following is the letter that Amy Fadhli-Raymond circulated among friends and relatives:


"Dr. Hussam A. Fadhli Memorial Fund for Young Artists

This memorial fund was started in loving memory of my father whose passion for art and specifically sculpture helped develop a special bond between his Grandson Julian and himself. Through countless hours spent sculpting together in my father's studio, Julian's love of
art was cultivated.

It was my father's greatest wish to be recognized for his art and to show others the joy of sculpture. Therefore, the proceeds from this memorial fund will be distributed to public elementary schools at risk of losing their art programs. The first school to benefit from this fund is Julian's own WISH Charter Elementary School in Los Angeles. I know my father would want his beloved Grandson to continue his passion for art through his education."

By all accounts, Dr. Fadhli was an accomplished thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon. His skilled hands also allowed him to be successful in another career as a professional artist. His art work is currently found in celebrity homes, as well as museums and public places around the world.

Thank you Dr. Hussam A. Fadhli for inspiring a love of art in your grandson and creating such a giving family who is sharing that love with all our children.