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A Letter From the WCA About Back to School Night

Dear Parents,

Our annual Back to School Night is back with us, this Thursday October 6th.   This is the beginning of our second year of school at WISH Charter, and we are all very excited to see our friends and families in our school community.  In particular, we are enthusiastically looking forward to welcoming our new members, parents and children!  Welcome everyone!

Back to School Night is a great opportunity to meet your  gifted teachers, spend some time with our great administrators and Principal, ask any questions, make suggestions,  discuss educational philosophy like constructivism  (one of our core philosophies of teaching), and meet the wonderful parents and families that make us an exceptional and extraordinary community.   Please come and visit, enjoy yourself, be relaxed, and offer your thoughts on how we can all support a great school for our children.  

Yes, we have an exceptional and extraordinary community!  What is that electric atmosphere that we all feel when we come to WISH Charter?  What is it that seems to call to us, that makes us enthusiastic and want to come back to school again?  Why are our children excited about coming to school every day?

Our parents are involved!  We have parents, grandparents, and community members that take a keen interest in supporting and contributing to our inspired school in a way that calls to their hearts.  And, we have an amazing, gifted, and  giving principal, staff,  and fabulous teachers,  that  listen to all of us, give us something to do that we love,  and lead  us to help make our little school into the best  it can be. We have truly won the lottery, collectively, and we are excited to keep it growing.  This is for our children, the most important thing in our lives.

Our community meeting will be midway in the evening, at 6:30pm in the auditorium, and we would love to offer some important Information about our great school, and how it is supported with our volunteerism and donations.  We have a huge hearted community that provides us with the energy to have an exceptionally well run school with remarkable educational programs for our children.   We invite everyone, all of our WISH Charter parents,  to be with us while we meet one another, enjoy each other's company, and continue to build and create the best possible school for our kids.

We look forward to seeing all of our great community on Thursday night.  Welcome! 


John Hubacher, WISH Parent and WCA Member